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Educator (English)
A passionate educator with over 25 years of teaching experience, Ms Lee was the Head of Department (HOD) of a well-regarded primary school. She has extensive PSLE marking and exam-setting expertise, gathered during her fulfilling career as an Educator.
Her teaching approach emphasizes learning through active discussion. Pupils are taught to weigh contrasting views to arrive at a balanced conclusion. She believes in emboldening her pupils to bring out the best in them.
Educator (FLUIIQ)
An architect by training, Mr Lee was the Vice-President of Operations and Head of Design Training in the Hong Kong based digital design giant, Crystal Computer Graphics. Mr Lee has spearheaded multiple projects and collaborations with IMDA, Singtel, HP and ST Singapore.
Mr Lee's bases his teaching approach on design and architectural principles to create an inquiry-based learning environment. By encouraging his pupils to test the parameters of the problem, Mr Lee hopes to foster an adaptable, resilient mindset in our young.

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