Our Curriculum 

Fluiiq is a programme that aims to develop a child’s fluid intelligence.


Fluid intelligence is the ability to analyse, identify patterns and relationships to solve problems.  Pupils in the programme will be tasked to solve problems by:


• Deconstructing a problem into its key aspects

• Drawing links between existing knowledge to create ideas

• Translating ideas into solutions and presenting them coherently and confidently


By applying the techniques learned in Fluiiq in the regular classroom, pupils will experience success. This, in turn builds their confidence in the subject.  

Programme Fees

Termly fees (11 sessions)


Primary 1 to 2: $495 nett ($45 per session)

Primary 3 to 6: $660 nett ($60 per session)
*Programme fees are payable on a termly basis prorated based on the start date.

The final schedule will be provided upon confirmation.

Payment Schedule:

Term 1 

(Jan - Mar) 

Primary 1 to 2: $495 

Primary 3 to 6: $660

Term 2 

(Apr - Jun)

Primary 1 to 2: $495 

Primary 3 to 6: $600

Term 3

(Jul - Sep)

Primary 1 to 2: $495 

Primary 3 to 6: $600

Term 4 

(Oct - Dec)

Primary 1 to 2: $495 

Primary 3 to 6: $600

 Please note that fees are payable in advance, before the start of the term.

Additional fees upon registration: 



  • $40 nett → One-time Registration Fee

  • $50 nett → Annual Material Fee



Replacement lessons: The lessons schedule is provided to all pupils in advance to inform parents of the lesson dates. Pupils are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions to ensure a minimal level of disruption as there are no replacement lessons for lessons missed. As a goodwill gesture, and subject to the availability of the class, pupils may be invited to join another class for the lesson missed.



Modes of payment: 


  • By cash, payable at "The Couch" 


  • By cheque: Made payable to "Viva Pal SE Pte Ltd" and mail it to 55A Serangoon Garden Way (S) 555951. Please write your child's name, your name and contact details on the back of the cheque. 


  • Via Paynow, key in UEN number: 201512723M "Viva Pal SE Pte Ltd"

Please include your child's name and your contact number in the comments. 


Please contact our office at 6285 7200, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 



The Couch

+65 6285 7200


55A Serangoon Garden Way 


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