Conversational  English

At Unravel English, we believe in mastering the English language through language appreciation and

inquiry-based learning.


Our programme focuses on extending pupils’ linguistic abilities that are essential for communicating effectively and excelling academically in school.


Our curriculum is based on a unique step-by-step model that balances effective learning and holistic performance. Coupled with our systematic approach of teaching language skills, our team of passionate and experienced teachers will equip your child with the right knowledge, strategies and disposition to reach his fullest potential.


Language must be acquired in a holistic manner and pupils learn best when there is a context for their learning.


Developed around common themes and topics, UnRavel! English aims to provide pupils with a chance to learn English meaningfully in an immersive environment.


Explore key ideas, vocabulary and details of the topic through videos, visual texts (eg, brochures) and news articles.

Eg: Crime in Singapore
Layer II
Perform guided research to deepen their understanding of the theme and present their findings to the class. Discussions will explore differing views on the theme.
Eg: Variation in consequences relating to the severity of the crime
      Which crimes are less severe? Why?
Layer II
Applying the writing skills taught, compose an essay based on the theme. 
Upper primary pupils should weave in elements from previous themes to compose an original story.
Eg. A moral dilemma - witnessing your friend committing a crime

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