UnRavel! English

Primary 5 & 6


Primary 5 & 6 students will be going through his or her preparations for the PSLE exams. In this year, programmes focus on sharpening your child’s focus on academic goals and exam skills. 

Programme Components

Carefully crafted as an integrated programme that covers Composition Writing and Comprehension & Grammar (Cloze Passage, Synthesis & Transformation), UnRavel! English adopts a knowledge-to-skill led approach that is the essential prerequisite to scoring in PSLE English.

UnRavel! English, designed by experienced HODs of English in local schools aims to build a child’s content knowledge, language competency and critical-thinking through 15 core component skills that hone the following competencies:

Understanding & application of grammar rules

Ability to infer a text

for comprehension​

Knowledge of contextual clues to score in cloze passages

Proficiency in idea generation, expression, planning and organising of good writing

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