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English is the language of the world, from science to diplomacy and tourism. It opens our world to other cultures, values and way of life. 
The English Language is all around us.  

How do we help our children make sense of the English Language and use it to their advantage in an unpredictable future?
Layer I
Explore key ideas, vocabulary and details of the topic through videos, visual texts (eg, brochures) and news articles

Eg: Crime in Singapore
Layer II
Perform guided research to deepen their understanding of the theme and present their findings to the class. Discussions will explore differing views on the theme
Eg: Variation in consequences relating to the severity of the crime
      Which crimes are less severe? Why?
Layer III
Applying the writing skills taught, compose an essay based on the theme. Upper primary pupils should weave in elements from previous themes to compose an original story
Eg. A moral dilemma (Witnessing your friend committing a crime)


Fluiiq is a creative thinking programme (for children age 6 – 8) designed to develop an adaptable mind to solve problems in different situations
In FLUIIQ, pupils explore real-world situations by
  1.   Deconstructing the problem to identify key aspects
  2.   Filtering information and make connections
  3.   Translating ideas into solutions and presenting it confidently
  4.   Critically evaluate alternative approaches to the issue

Fluiiq uses inquiry-based teaching to promote creativity and the sense of engagement in the whole learning process through:

  •   Thematic – Introduction of knowledge through themes

  •   Scenario creation/Role-play – Critical problem solving in a realistic context

  •   Experiential – Exploration of idea through hands on activity

Instead of having our children invest all their intellectual capital in the blue chip stocks of life, a successful mental portfolio should diversify into more speculative investments as well
- Anthony Brandt and David Eagleman

June holiday workshops are also available!

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