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UnRavel English Parent's Workshop 

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At UnRavel! English, we believe in mastering the English language through language appreciation and inquiry-based learning.


Primary 1 & 2 

Foundation - Your child will work on mastering the basics of the English Language while exploring various topics that help them make a real connection between what they learn in school and the world around them. Communication, presentation of ideas and interaction with others remain an integral part of learning and development.

Primary 3 & 4

Essential & Critical Skills - Your child will be equipped with mastering component-based skills whilst honing learning sensibilities like refinement, precision, self-evaluation and time management. UnRavel! English aims to achieve these goals whilst continually expanding your child’s academic knowledge.

Primary 5 & 6

Intensive Preparation - Your child is making his or her preparations for the PSLE exams. In this year, programmes focus on sharpening your child’s focus on academic goals and exam skills. 



Rich learning experiences

 are designed with the belief that children are active learners. The values-based curriculum

is designed in consultation

with academics who are

experts in their respective subjects and areas.


At UnRavel! Mathematics, hands-on activities bring mathematical concepts and skills alive in

the classroom.

Primary 1 & 2 

Hands-on activities bring mathematical concepts and skills alive in the classroom.  Children acquire useful life skills such as telling time and counting money as they learn Math through discussions, role-plays and games. 


In addition, values like saving money and sharing are discussed and reinforced when teaching Mathematical concepts.  

Primary 3 & 4

The Middle Primary Mathematics Programme focuses on providing the right component-specific skills and techniques that help children demonstrate an application of the content taught. 

The systematic approach enables children to excel academically as they solve and answer Mathematical questions with confidence. 

The systematic approach enables children to

Primary 5 & 6

The Upper Primary Mathematics programme focuses on the revision, mastery, and application of key mathematical components for the PSLE.

Additional learning support is provided to teach children to pace themselves and hone their skills to be best prepared for their first major milestone in their academic development.

Holiday Programmes

Creative Thinking Holiday Programme

Join us this coming June holidays and get your creative juices flowing as we explore different realms and document our experiences!

Space Odyssey 

17th to 21st June 2019

Journey with us into deep space this holiday! Become part of the team who designs and conceptualizes the biggest ever SPACE-CITY to be built. Learn to craft an exciting story about life in the space-city and the perils of space.

The Untold Stories

24th to 28th June 2019

Join us as we explore forgotten lands where

we spin a classic and tell our tales.

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